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Welcome to The Bright Side on our Ripple Effect Social Network. This section is dedicated to bringing happy news, true stories, and things that make us smile. Besides, who needs more bad news? Please enjoy and leave your comments below. 

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Have A Nice Day :-)

Posted on October 28, 2017 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Have a nice day!

Keep smiling. Keep believing and never give up.

The sun shines even when we don't see it so 

Have a nice day! :)

A New Year! A Fresh New Beginning!

Posted on December 28, 2016 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

A New Year! A Fresh New Beginning! :)


We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season. We did. 

A brand new year is here! What shall we do with this new year, our new beginning? Now is a good time to sit down and think clearly about it. Meditate, pray or try a little self analysis. How would you like to see your life unfold this year? How will you spend your time this year? Time is so valuable. It would be a pity to waste a moment of it. Will you enjoy each day to the fullest? Will there be challenges, adversity, drama or moments of ease and happiness? Believe it or not the choices lie with each of us. We have every right to choose. We can either choose what is best for us or make mistakes. Either way we benefit from our decisions whether good or bad. So, what will it be? Where or to whom shall we go to find help, moral guidance, practical advice, and answers to the many questions we ponder every day. The answer lie within us but we must search higher, above us, to draw it to us. 

There is a divine source that always has our best interest in mind. That source is a kind, loving and compassionate spiritual being. That being is God. By asking for God's help and direction, we will end up in a wonderful place. How do I know? According to these scriptures, Proverbs 3:5, 6, 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths', we will see a life full of positive ripple effects. Believing in something you cannot see takes faith and courage. But it works. Following a path that leads successfully to our destination is a very big decision but having faith is a choice. It is the only choice that can guide us safely to our desired haven if we truly want the best. Do you? Faith is based on biblical truths and the Bible is a spiritual road map that is as sure as the north star.  

So there you go. Start with God. Look for him and you will find him. Pondering within you may or may not get there but if you honestly search for the best and sincerely want divine guidance, you will most certainly get where you are going. Your steps will be sure and your way will be blessed. Your wise choices will lead you to a wonderful place, spiritually and materially because the wisest thing you can ever learn is to let God be your guide. 

Most of us often need help from a friend, a counselor, a GPS or road map to get us where we want to go. The same is true spiritually. We will understand and know the truth if we honestly want it. The truth sets us free. So search with all your heart for the divine path and the road ahead will surely open up for you. May we make wise decisions this coming year, and this year will be our best yet!

Happy New Year! Let's enjoy life more this year. Take our days slowly, one day at a time. 

365 Positive Focus

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Celebrities Speak Out On Fame and Materialism

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Celebrities Speak Out On Fame and Materialism

Please see the full story here:

Amazing! She Puts A Fridge In The Street So Hungry People Can Take Leftovers

Posted on April 11, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Amazing! She Puts A Fridge In The Street So Hungry People Can Take Leftovers

Please read the full story here:

Today's Positive Thought

Posted on January 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today's Positive Thought

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 2016

Posted on December 28, 2015 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What a wonderful holiday season we have enjoyed this year. The hope of Christmas is all about love that brings joy to the world! The birth of a little child who came to be the savior of the world has changed the course of history. His goal was to give his life to save those who were lost and without hope. To bring encouragement to those who were discouraged and lonely. To restore respect to those who were rejected in society. Most of all he came to teach us to love God and one another.

Jesus is the greatest gift of all. He came to show the world what love looks like in everything he did. He walked about doing good (Acts 10:38 ) in word, deed and action. We can celebrate Christmas everyday of the year by choosing the lifestyle that Jesus gave us. We can also do good and bring love to others. By accepting him into our lives we can shine our lights brightly for others to follow. That is the first most important step. He was born to bring light to the world. Let us live to make a difference to those around us as well as within us. Everyday can be Christmas in loving kindness and caring for one another. 

May this new year bring you joy, happiness and abundant blessings in every thing you do!

Happy 2016!

Today's Positive Focus is Meditate

Posted on August 1, 2015 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Today's Positive Focus is all about meditation.

This subject is a very simple one. You don't have to be in a certain place, position or geographical location. It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a scholar to figure out what it means. Yet, taking time daily to meditate is the one of the most important spiritual investments one can make. The next important investment is allowing life to unfold before you and appreciating it as easily opens up without fear or worry.

Whatever you have in your life, be it good, bad or different, embrace it! Seek and find a solution to challenges. Set goals. Ask for help if you need it. All that you desire and require can be found through meditation and prayer. Life is not about getting everything we want, but wanting what we get! It's not striving to gain things, but learning to appreciate things, but most importantly, the people in our lives. 

Meditating is an act of the will. It is self-discipline. It's a useful skill that will change the outcome of one's daily life. It's the art of being grateful, joyful and happy within. Inner happiness creates a stable, secure and well balanced life. This one simple act each day can work wonders. Five minutes a day or more is a good place to start. Meditation is a pause in the mad rush of 'busyness' that we inflict upon ourselves.

As we think about life today, take a few moments to meditate, show gratitude and be thankful for our many blessings. Even our failures benefit us. We will notice a pattern and design forming within as we meditate on uplifting thoughts. Nothing will be too great to handle when you meditate, pray and direct your thoughts to the source greater than ourselves. Look around, be apart of the ongoing process of living day by day.Start to meditate. Begin today.

Meditate on God and his love for each of us. This acknowledgement will keep everything in proper perspective. Please enjoy every moment. Live each day as if it were your last. Breathe in fresh air, fresh thoughts and a fresh new life! Meditate on what matters most. You will soon see hope and possibilities where there were none before. 

Have a good day! 


Today's Positive Focus

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Today's Positive Focus is Change! 

Change is good for us. Everyone needs a change from our day to day routine. Getting out and having an adventure is great for creating positive change. If we're stuck in a rut of our daily mudane, often insane living, we lose something vital. That vital something is a bit of ourselves. Change creates new thought, innovation and positive action if we use it correctly. It motivates us to grow on many different levels.  Do you need a change? Here are some ways and areas that might open up the door to your new horizon. Use changes to expand and explore the vastness of this thing called life. 

Try going to work on a different route. Hop on a bus, train, bike or walk often. Go to the zoo with the family. Catch a movie or make a cake. Try on a new dress and take it home. Help out in your neighborhood or go on a trip to a foreign country. Get to know new people. Learn a new language, hobby or skill. Try to cook a new dish or a new twist on a dessert. Life doesn't have to be stale or boring. Leap into action by positive change. It is a healthy way to live and rewarding at the end of the day.


Today's Positive Focus is Joyful

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Today's Positive Focus is Joyful! 

Everyday we can be joyful. It is really just a matter of pure choice and we can choose to be joyful at any given moment.

Joy is like the sun shining through the rain. It comes breaking through the clouds and lightens up the sky. It is that feeling deep inside of you that is not dependent on your moods or what is going on around you.Today let us focus on the inner peace, love, hope and joy that we have inside of us. All that we need and want is just a thought. It's just a second away. The brilliance and sparkle we see in others can be ours.

Do you know what joyful means. It means to be full of joy! It's contaigous and infectious. You can spread it from heart to heart. Focus on it for yourself and you can ripple this on to others! 

Be Joyful :)

Today's Positive Focus

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New Beginning! (An Easter message)


A New Beginning - God Offers a New Beginning

Do-over. Do you remember that using that phrase as a kid? You messed up, and then quickly called out “do-over” meaning you wanted another chance. Friends would often grant the request, and you could make another attempt—you got to do it over again. In this encouraging series, Derek Prince points out that the Lord knows we all mess up and we all need a do-over.


8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About St. Patrick

Posted on March 17, 2015 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There are things you probably didn't know about St. Patrick. Please click the link for more!

Today's Positive Focus is HAPPINESS!

Posted on March 1, 2015 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Today's Positive Focus is Happiness!

Material things are good to have. Money is a big huge asset. Being in a relationship is pretty amazing. But if you are searching for something real and lasting, you won't find happiness from these things alone. In order to obtain true happiness, you must realize that happiness is a state of mind. It comes from within. When you seek to make others happy, happiness will find you!

If you are feeling sad, lonely and unhappy today, look for someone you can help or cheer up. Everyone wants to be around someone happy or cheerful and trustworthy. Reaching out to others is good for us. A simple solution is having our eyes, ears and heart open to the need of those around us. People may actually need us from time to time and are too shy to admit it. Caring leaves less time to think negatively about ourselves. Go ahead! Show concern for others around you and happiness may just spring up from your smallest good intention to them. 

When a door of opportunity opens to share a random deed of kindness, walk through it without fear, worry or apprehension. Take needed time out to settle internal 'nagging' matters first before starting something new, such as, new friendships. Often the battle rages in our minds and we worry about how we will be perceived. When we let go of those inner self doubts or worries, we can replace them with peaceful thoughts instead. That is when we'll know for certain that happiness truly comes from within. Now, today let's take a fresh approach to life and smile more! Life can be as good as we make it. Happiness is waiting for you. Please reach out and take it! Happiness is within!  ...'the kingdom of heaven is within'. (Luke 17: 20-21)

More on the subject of happiness! :-)

Today's Positive Focus is Bright Side!

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Look on the Bright Side! 

There are so many things that can make you sad, irritated, moody, depressed or just plain unhappy if you allow it.  Today's challenge and focus is to look on the bright side of life. Be optimistc and hopeful! When you have hope, faith, love and a desire to believe the unbelievable, then hold on! Everything is about to brighten up for you. There is a God above that loves you. Please believe that things can get better and it will. Chances are excellent, in fact, that life will clear up for you. How? Read on....

Do you want to believe that life can be better for you? Do you want to find true love and happiness? Then today start with one simple step of looking on the bright side of things. As a famous man once said, ' Faith is taking the first step, even if you can't see the whole staircase,' (MLK).

Turn away from the pessimistic, dreary outlook and face each day with positivity and hope. Look up, not down! Think of all of the wonderful treasures and joys life has to offer day by day. Count your blessings such as, health, family, friends, shelter, food, pets, safety, purpose and so much more. Your treasures will begin to add up to a world of happiness! Try it today, start thinking positively and watch things begin to change for the better. It may only be an insignificant, tiny little change at first but it is proof that something good is taking place. Looking on the bright side is good for your health. 'For as he thinking in his heart, so is he' Proverbs 23:7. Think wisely, think clearly, think positively with faith, hope and love. Direct your thoughts to better things to come! And trust that they will come in due time. 'Ask and you shall receive' Mat 7:7-8.

Have a bright and beautiful day! :)