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365 Positive Focus

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Today's Positive Thought

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Today's Positive Thought

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Today's Positive Focus is HAPPINESS!

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Today's Positive Focus is Happiness!

Material things are good to have. Money is a big huge asset. Being in a relationship is pretty amazing. But if you are searching for something real and lasting, you won't find happiness from the...

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Today's Positive Focus is Thank You!

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Today's Positive Focus is - Thank You! 

Today as we reflect on people who crossed our paths through the years, let us focus on the words, 'Thank You'. How many times do you say thank you to those you know or come in contact with each day, week, month or year? Being thankful for all that we have is something we should never g...

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If you love Cheese cake...:)

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 This is one of the easiest ways to learn baking a perfect cheese cake. Just follow all the steps on this recipe ...(maybe just put some sugar on the cracker base part as well if you like your extra sweet cake)

I've tried twice,perfect everytime!!!!No cracks~~~~~~&...

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Do Unto Others

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Do Unto Others 

What can one act of kindness do? Please click the link below to learn how acts of kindness can have a chain reaction in your community and in the lives of others. 


Today's Positive Focus

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Today's Positive Focus is Persevere

Do you ever get the feeling like you can't go on one more day doing things business as usual? Do you feel as though you would like to quit and give up on your goals? Sure you do, we all do sometimes! That's human nature to want to 'throw in the towel' and call it quits at some point in life. But the challenge ...

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Why Your Brian Craves Music

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Why Your Brian Craves Music

Learn why music means so much to us and why our brian craves it. 

A very interesting read.  Please click the link to see the full story!



Why Your Brian Craves Music

Why Gratitude: What is it and does it work?

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It's November and Thanksgiving is near. As this is so, I've been thinking a lot lately about gratitude. What is it actually, and what can it do for my life?

(FOLLOW OUR RIPPLE EFFECT 30 DAYS OF THANKSGIVING ON                              ...

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The City Of Angels

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The City of Angels

An artist brings faith, hope and love to Los Angeles with her bright-pink angel statues.

By Claire Townsend, Ojai, California

Please read the full true story here:

The Unexpected Gift

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The Unexpected Gift

Please click the link for the full story. Thanks!

The Kindness Of Strangers

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Ripple Effect Admin: It's good to know that there are good and decent people in the world. Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring that out more clearly. Please read this true account of what John Caffery experienced on a bus one eventful day in Dublin, Ire. 

 By John Caffery

The following is my account of what happened to me September 9th this year on a bus in Dublin

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Moved by a Spontaneous Act of Kindness from a Stranger

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By Help

Please click the link to find a touching true story about an act of giving and receiving kindness from a stranger. We hope this will inspire you! :)

What Prayer Does to Your Brain

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Science Finally Proves It:

Prayer Changes Your Brain 

in 4 Astonishing Ways . . .                &...

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