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Today's Positive Focus is Joyful

Posted on April 15, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Today's Positive Focus is Joyful! 

Everyday we can be joyful. It is really just a matter of pure choice and we can choose to be joyful at any given moment.

Joy is like the sun shining through the rain. It comes breaking through the clouds and lightens up the sky. It is that feeling deep inside of you that is not dependent on your moods or what is going on around you.Today let us focus on the inner peace, love, hope and joy that we have inside of us. All that we need and want is just a thought. It's just a second away. The brilliance and sparkle we see in others can be ours.

Do you know what joyful means. It means to be full of joy! It's contaigous and infectious. You can spread it from heart to heart. Focus on it for yourself and you can ripple this on to others! 

Be Joyful :)

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