About Us

Our story

Ripple Effect Social Network is a website with a unique purpose. We are a resource for people who want to contribute and benefit from good news and positive thoughts. Our Network came from the hope that the topics and articles shared will appeal to anyone looking for something different other than the everyday news we see each day. We are a link from art to artist, business to customer, friend to friend. 

As we are what we eat, we are what we invest our time in. Please use your time wisely. May this site help just a little to brighten up your day! It is only meant to be a supplement and not a main course. During these seemingly bleak times in the world, here you can find the bright side of the news. We publish links to relevant and current stories as well as every day kindness articles and memorable quotes.

At Ripple Effect Social Network our site is a kind place to be and this is our way to contribute in making our community and our world a brighter place. Our site features many interesting and innovative ways to connect users. People can comment and add topics in the Forums, and users are encouraged to share advice, knowledge and helpful stories between each other by way of sharing their opinions, questions, art, pictures, recipes, and more. Site members can upload videos and photos and comment on any of the site's content. Also there are new fun features coming soon! 

Through coming workshops and events we are creating opportunities for people to meet and connect in person. Updates to be posted regularly.

We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our site. Please continue to look around and feel free to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or questions. 

FIND US ONLINE: www.rippleeffectsocialnetwork.com